Keeping it Kool

I am someone who’s always on the road. I enjoy moving from one place to the next. Although I love having a routine, I thrive more when I’m spontaneous. And my spontaneity often leads me to Zambales or anywhere near the ocean even if it’s past midnight! I love discovering new adventures without having to go through all the planning. I believe that the kick of adrenaline is different when you go for unplanned trips. Thankfully, I have something with me that keeps me ~Kool~ wherever I go 😉 Kool insulated bottle keeps your drink cold for 24 hours so you have the freedom to stay Kool for as long as you need to ❄️ It can also keep your drinks hot for 12 hours. Besides, adventures are even better when you’re hydrated and you keep your head Kool! And, you can now have your name engraved on your bottles too! #KoolestWater ever 💙 #KreateWithKool #LiveKool #StayHotKeepKool #KoolPH

The Map of Self-Love

It took me a series of breakdowns and spiraling moments to recognize that my body is not the one whose broken and needs fixing — it’s this spiteful world that does. I wish I can say that navigating the ropes of self-love and self-fulfillment wouldn’t hurt. That there wouldn’t be nights with soaking wet pillows and mornings without light. That there wouldn’t be days of staring tiredly at yourself in the mirror with streamlined tears before you can finally put on some clothes. That it wouldn’t me

What #SupportLocal Should Mean

I always see kuya in this area at Ortigas. A crutch in his left arm and a few pieces of walis in his right. I’ve been wanting to buy from him ever since but it’s either the stoplight won’t allow me or I hesitate and insist that I buy someplace else. Today I finally rolled my windows down and asked kuya for the price. I was able to look at him up close. It was more clear — a crutch in his left arm and 2 pieces of walis in his right. What also became clear was his struggle, effort, and the smile

The Adventures in our Ordinaries and Everydays

The last couple of months I’ve felt alive more than ever. You can find me in the sea or the mountains during the weekends and at free-diving classes on the weekdays. I was living in a beautiful adventure; always wanting to do something out of the ordinary. But when that finally stopped and my weekends are now spent in the city, that adrenaline rush I’ve always felt stopped too. Now I’ve been itching for ways to do something that would resemble adventure. But maybe today, as I rummage through my

Reminder: Keep a List of Everything Your Heart Beats For

Can you tell me all the things you love, so you can remember what keeps you alive? I hope the things you love doesn’t become the things you escape to only when reality isn’t bearable anymore. I hope the things you love doesn’t become a mere breather, or the things you do in-between work, or something you run to only when you have time to spare. I hope the things you love aren’t tucked in a small corner of your room that’s meant to be taken out only in certain seasons. I hope the things you lov

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